Quantum Launches Technologically Advanced In-house Testing for CNG Fuel Storage Systems to Support Fast-to-Market Solutions and Innovative Design Releases  [Jan 28, 2015]
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Quantum Receives Purchase Order for Natural Gas Storage Systems from a Leading Refuse Company  [Jan 14, 2015]
Refuse trucks are a growing and stable natural gas vehicle market and represents a new emerging segment for Quantum
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CNG Storage Tanks


At Quantum Technologies we understand and appreciate the remarkable potential of CNG as a transformative energy source. Therefore, we have developed an entire suite of CNG products in order to provide the widest range of over-the-road natural gas applications.

Our customers appreciate the convenience of our one-stop shopping model. This is possible only because we manufacture our own CNG tanks at the same facility where we design, engineer and assemble our fuel-storage modules.

Fuel System Enclosure Modules

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