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Quantum OEM's Drive Systems Group provides state-of-the-art clean propulsion technologies including powertrain engineering, system integration, advanced propulsion systems, and energy storage systems for PHEV, hybrid electric, fuel cell, and alternative fuel vehicles. We have extensive experience in all aspects of vehicle system integration and manufacturing to the highest OEM standards.

The Drive Systems team has been integrating not only gaseous fuel storage modules for the world's Original Equipment Manufacturers, but also has developed the powertrain for the Fisker Karma. Quantum's Q-Drive is a PHEV-50 series hybrid drivetrain delivering over 400 hp to the rear wheels of the Karma. The Drive Systems team has drawn on their experience to deliver a high performance powertrain.

Quantum is uniquely qualified to play a key role in the rapidly advancing United States supplier-base for components of battery-dominant powertrain systems for PHEVs and other advanced technology vehicles to make a substantial and immediate impact on the commercialization of CAFE fuel economy-enhancing technologies.


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