QUANTUM OEM - Powertrain Development

Powertrain Development is the core of Quantum's Drive System Group. The team can provide any vehicle manufacturer with a drive system for their vehicle application. The powertrain basis can be natural gas, hydrogen, or a standard gasoline/diesel engine. Full electric vehicle (EV), or partial electric (HEV, PHEV) powertrains are also possible.

Capabilities Include:

• Powertrain Modeling and Simulation using Matlab/Simulink with Powertrain Simulation and Analysis Toolkit (PSAT) from Argonne National Labs

• Performance, fuel economy and emissions simulations

• Powertrain component sizing and selection

• Powertrain controls software development using model based software - Matlab/Simulink

• C/C++ code generation

• RTOS and imbedded controls software development

• Motor control software development

• HIL testing and model verification

• OBD II software development


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