Virtual Pipeline CNG Trailers

For Virtual Pipeline, Mobile and Temporary CNG Stations, Locomotive, Containership, and Mining

Quantum Virtual Pipeline Trailers provide delivery and storage of Compressed Natural Gas and other gaseous products to supply customers in areas where there is little or no infrastructure. The Q-VP trailers are equipped with high-capacity, super-lightweight CNG storage tanks packed into a 45’ High-Cube  shipping container. The Q-VP trailers can be filled at major gas pipelines then driven to customers for continual, uninterrupted supply of CNG. Fitting lightweight, high-capacity tanks into a standard shipping container means that CNG can be loaded onto a truck, train, or ship. The Q-VP trailer stores gas at up to 5,000 psi enabling a single container to hold up to 641,080 SCF, the highest capacity in the industry. This includes the patented PerfectFillTM technology to ensure a full fill every time. The Q-VP trailers are also a solution for flare gas. Today’s oil producers burn natural gas that comes out of their oil wells. It’s a colossal waste of energy and generates substantial unnecessary harmful emissions.


  • Equipped with Type IV Q-LiteTM tanks in a 45’ length Hi-Cube ISO shipping container
  • Unique system capacity of up to 641,080 SCF
  • Vertical mounted tanks to optimize gas capacity
  • Single-switch tank isolation for safe transit
  • Door activated parking brake switch for increase safety during loading and unloading
  • Easy access system for service
  • Patented PerfectFillTM technology with patented nozzle injecting gas allowing for up to 39% more gas stored (optional)
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How to buy

Call sales at (949) 930-3400

Features and Benefits

Quantum’s culture of innovation continues to improve the efficiency of alternative vehicle technology. We make vehicles go farther; we increase storage capacity and reduce weight; we improve service and customer experience; we lower your overall cost of investment. Because we manufacture our own components, as well as design, engineer and develop our own fuel and control systems, we provide the best value in the industry.

Lightest Systems & Tanks
Quantum Q-Lite™ tanks, Q-Rail and Q-Cab fuel system modules are the industries lightest.

Lightest Systems & Tanks

Highest Capacity Tanks
Optimized composite shell enables us to store more fuel.

Highest Capacity Tanks

Most Durable Systems
Our Q-Cab fuel system module completed 1 million miles of durability testing.

Most Durable Systems

Highest Quality Products
ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management System & ISO/TS 14001 Environmental Management Standards Certified.

Highest Quality Products


Description Units Q-VPLite at 3,600 psi Q-VP650 at 3,600 psi Q-VP650 at 5,000 psi
Tank type Composite Composite Composite
Max working pressure psi 3,600 5,000 5,000
Q-lite™ tank configuration 45: 30″ x 107″ 46: 30″ x 107″, 5: 30″ x 102″ 46: 30″ x 107″, 5: 30″ x 102″
 Gas volume Scf 471,960 531,723 641,080
Loading rate* Scf/h 800,000 800,000 800,000
Unloading rate** Scf/h 336,000 336,000 336,000
Trailer weight empty lbs 38,926 52,254 52,254
Trailer weight loaded lbs 60,571 76,777 82,357
Container external dimensions (l x w x h) 45′ x 8′ 4″ x 9.5′ 45′ x 8′ 4″ x 9.5′ 45′ x 8′ 4″ x 9.5′
Container on trailer dimensions (l x w x h) 45′ x 8′ 4″ x 13.5′ 45′ x 8′ 4″ x 13.5′ 45′ x 8′ 4″ x 13.5′
(SCF) Standard Cubic Foot
All dimensions are estimates
* (Up to 185F/85C)
** (Down to -70F/-57C)

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Why Quantum Natural Gas Fuel Systems

What Our Customers Say?

We chose Quantum because they really listened to our needs and their system gives us the best value in regards to weight and price.
Juan Corcino
Director of Fleet/OPS, ManhattanBeer Distributors

The Quantum Warranty

We stand behind every product we make. Our Tanks and Fuel Systems are backed by a two-year/ 200,000-mile warranty.  Our Virtual Pipeline Trailers are backed by a one-year warranty.  With no deductible or service charges, it’s one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, plus it’s fully transferable during the warranty period. Our more than 20 years in the clean fuel vehicle business prove that we’ll be here to service your needs for many years to come.

Quantum Service Network

We’re constantly expanding our service network to help our customers more efficiently. If you’re interested in becoming an authorized Quantum Service Center, contact us.

Service Centers

Our customer service is second to none. We know the importance of keeping your trucks on the road; our Service Team will assist you in doing just that. With 20+ years in the CNG industry our service team has the knowledge and experience to help your technicians diagnose a problem and get parts for a quick repair turn around. Partnering with service centers, we leverage a broad range of capabilities to efficiently maintain and repair your vehicle and increase your uptime.

For a service center near you, call 1-800-816-8691.


Quantum’s Type IV tanks are validated by the stringent requirements of NGV2, and our systems comply with or exceed all applicable industry standards. But Quantum goes beyond industry requirements to ensure safety and reliability—and beyond any other fuel system provider—with the most rigorous thermal, shock, vibration, impact, and corrosion, testing in the industry.

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