Virtual Pipeline Trailers

Hydrogen Virtual Pipeline

Innovative Transport Trailers for Hydrogen

Quantum’s hydrogen virtual pipeline trailers enable the distribution of a clean energy solution. If you need hydrogen blending for power generation, utility hydrogen blending, fuel cell power generation or hydrogen filling stations virtual pipeline trailers can be part of the solution. We’ve combined our 20+ years of experience with hydrogen and our industry-leading virtual pipeline trailers to bring to market our new hydrogen virtual pipeline trailer. All transport trailers are equipped with Quantum’s signature Q-LiteTM high pressure tanks.
Description VPLite-H45/40ft VP5000-H
Number of Tanks 41 x 107 4 x 102 46 x 107 5 x 102
Water Volume 44,400 L 50,292 L
Operating Pressure 3,600 psi (248 bar) 5,000 psi (345 bar)
Gas Mass 803 kg (1,771 lb) 1,195 kg (2,634 lb)
Empty Weight 35,894 lb (16,281 kg) 49,047 lb (22,247 kg)
Full Weight 37,665 lb (17,085 kg) 51,681 lb (23,442 kg)
Overall Dimensions
Trailer Length 40 ft (12 m) 45 ft (13.72 m)
Trailer Width 8.33 ft (2.54m) 8.33 ft (2.54m)
Trailer Height 13.42 ft (4.10 m) 13.42 ft (4.10 m)
  • VP5000-H Gas mass of 1,195 kg at 5,000 psi
  • VPLite-H45/40ft Gas mass of 803 kg at 3,600 psi
  • Single small door – simple access for all operations
  • Simple single manifold – easy fueling and defueling with step-by-step directions
  • Backed by Quantum’s best-in-the-industry service support and technical assistance

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